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You buy the Cooktop & the Oven but forget about the Rangehood. The most important item in your Kitchen more important than you Cooktop or your Oven. Without a Rangehood or with a Rangehood that has a meagre exhaust flow you are Not only allowing Fats &other Cooking Residues to attach themselves to your Kitchen Walls & Ceilings YOU are playing with FIRE! Literally, without a Rangehood or with one that has little or NO Exhaust you have little hope in Stopping a Cooking Fire.( that is a fire started on your cooktop) There is no substitute for a Rangehood that has High Air Flow & is Exhausted Outside. All Rangehoods should be Exhausted Outside preferably, through the Roof. The other option Is to Exhaust through the Back wall. You should never Recycle Air through a Rangehood other than one that is specifically designed To perform that function .I only know of one Brand in Australia that has such an Rangehood! What type of Rangehood should your Indoor or Outdoor Kitchen Have. There are only 2 types of Rangehoods that effectively Exhaust to the Outside! They are Canopies & Undermounted Rangehoods. Canopies are well known Undermounts not so .An Undermounted Rangehood is one that that sits Directly above the Cooktop under a Bulkhead( that is no part of the Rangehood is visible to an onlooker. The Rangehoods you should avoid for your Internal Kitchen are Slideout Rangehoods & Fixed Rangehoods. Neither of these Rangehoods no matter what the AirFlow will exhaust as effectively as a Canopy or Undermounted Rangehood.