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Gas cooking is the most popular form of Cooking in Australia!

Why is it then that most Australian House Holds that have gas cooktops have European Brands & not Australian Brand  gas cooktops?

Is it because they are better performing, emit  more gas resulting Greater heat or is it because people  think overseas brands are better built & will last longer or is because overseas Brands are cheaper!

Most Australian households will buy an overseas Brand gas cooktop for Four reasons only!

They buy a Brand Name for the sake of having a Brand name in their kitchen. The best example of this is Miele (who when all is said & done is just a Brand that has been marked to perfection, No better than most other good Brands) Whose to say where the parts are actually made Miele claim they are made in Germany when really they are only assembled in Germany.

They want to have a brand name in their kitchen that in their opinion best represents quality .An example of this would be the Smeg Brand. This brand state that its gas cooktops are made in Italy where in fact  they are only  assembled in Italy the parts come from somewhere else.

People are looking for a known Brand at a price that they deem affordable. Most probably they don’t know one Brand from another so they go to an appliance retailer that they either have brought from before or whose name is well known to them. They will be led by the sales person to some degree .For the sake of the exercise lets presume that they are independent minded and can make their own decisions. Customers are influenced by the gas cooktops on display & buy the in house gas cooktop because not only is it affordable but it is the Stores own Brand so it must be good! The cooktop almost certainly came from Asia, in all probability China.

Then there are those people who only want a cheap gas cooktop. It could be that it is a rental property & the Landlord only wants cheap or it could be a builder who only budgets for cheap gas cooktops. These cooktops will almost always come from China.

The fourth buyer of overseas gas cooktops I can understand. You want a cheap gas cooktop  “a gas  cooktop is after all a gas cooktop wherever it comes from”!     I agree all gas cooktops emit  a  gas flame to cook with. That is where the really good gas cooktops differentiate from the Rest.

The Australian made gas cooktops are mainly in the really good category! Certainly the gas cooktops that Rangehoods Plus sells are in that Category.

Australia has only a handful of gas cooktop manufacturers. This is incredible when you look at the Australian Home /Kitchen market.

Yet we have many Australian Gas BBQ manufacturers.

You might say that Gas BBQ’S and Gas Cooktops are totally different animals. That may have been true once but not today. Cooking outside either on a BBQ or an Outside Alfresco  Kitchen  has become as normal an event as cooking in an  indoor kitchen.