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EASIAIR has Rangehood Ducting Kits that will make your Job of installing very easy.
Our EASIAIR Ducting Kits  allow you to duct either through the top of the flue & out through the roof or out the back of the rangehood.
Our Ducting kits even take into account whether you have a Tile or Metal Roof .
Most 1500mm BBQ Rangehoods require 3 x 150mm Venting Kits.
Our  New EASIAIR1200M BBQ Rangehoods require 2 x 2000mm Ducting Kits
Our BBQ Rangehood Ducting Kits come with installation instructions and the highest quality components. The Roof Cowl is wide open all the way round to allow the the easy flow off exhaust fumes & smoke. whilst protecting the the outlet from the weather.

You just choose what Ducting Kit is appropriate for your circumstance. If in doubt give us a call an we will help you to find the ideal Venting Kit for your needs.
We use Metal Clamps in all our Venting Kits to secure the Ducting rather than heat resistant Tape.

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