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We Specialise in BBQ Rangehoods & Stock 1200mm & 1500mm BBQ Rangehoods

Our Rangehoods are designed Specifically for Outdoor applications:

EASIAIR has both Wall Mounted BBQ Rangehoods & Island BBQ Rangehoods.
Our 1200mm & 1500mm BBQ Rangehoods are made from 316 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade)
316 Stainless Steel is MOST Resistant Stainless Steel to Water Corrosion (Chloride)
Our 316 Stainless Steel  BBQ Rangehoods are best suited near the Ocean or if you have a Chloride Pool
All Our BBQ Rangehoods have Baffle Filters.

Baffle Filters collect the oil in their ducts. To clean Wash in Dishwasher

Alll our BBQ Hoods are made from the best Stainless Steel & should  be hung a minimum of 1200mm above the BBQ.
The Alfresco BBQ Rangehoods we offer are  the best outdoor BBQ Rangehoods available at the moment.
If you have further questions regarding our BBQ Rangehoods just contact us and we will help you to find the perfect Rangehood for you.

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