1. Wok Burners emit 18mj/hr
  2. Responsive & Controllable Flame
  3. Automatic Ignition
  4. Flame Failure


  1. All  Gas Cooktops are designed to allow large Woks &Pans to be used without overlapping
  2. All our Gas Cooktops can handle up 38 Cm sized Pots
  3. GL4 Series Gas Cooktopsare designed to fit most old bench cut outs

Pan Supports

  1. Sturdy & Robust Wok & Pan Trivets ( pan supports) are available in Enamel or Cast Iron
  2. Enamel Trivets are light in weight but strong in their support
  3. Cast Iron Trivets have a Ceramic coating which Prevents Absorption of Fats as is the case with all cast iron trivets not coated with Ceramic. They become greasy & unappealing.


  1. All our Gas Cooktops have Flame failure which turn the gas off after 19 seconds if the flame goes out or the gas is turned on accidently.


  1. All Black Burners
  2. Black Ceramic  Glass
  3.  Ceramic Coated Cast Iron Trivets
  4. 2 Wok Burners & 2 Simmer Burners
  5. Auto Ignition
  6. Flame Failure
  7. 18mj/hr of Gas Emitted
  8. 1 Years Parts & Labour


  1. Overall 930mm x 450mm
  2. Cut Out 885mm x405mm